Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring Into Action for Pastels: Kenzo tableware collection

Lilac, pale pink, powder blue, lemon and mint green are sweeping into stores like a haze
of wild flowers across a spring meadow. And while this color story will reach full bloom
come spring, it’s not to early to start thinking about the pastel palette and how it can be
used best when setting a spring table.

If you think that Easter egg colors are too fussy or old- fashioned for a tablesetting, you
only have to look at the current shades - - - pinks, purples, greens and all kinds of
pastels are in vogue. But it's not a bright pink or a lime green. It's a refined pink, or a
sherbet green. It’s soothing. Any will add punch to a variety of tablesetings and design

Pastels work well in combination with other pastels. Blend goldenrod with deep blue,
bottle green with pale pink, or turquoise with terra cotta. Black acts as a terrific neutral
with pastel colors, just as it works wonders in your wardrobe. Metallic accents mix well
with soft pastels.

Pastels can be soothing and cool on any type of table and more versatile than you might
expect. A more contemporary table can get a new edgy look with pastels because you can
select stronger, solid shades and add some with prints in retro patterns. A great example
of this look is evident in the Kenzo tableware collection. This unique and diverse collection
of Kenzo china illustrates the artistry and vision of the designer. He has chosen ateliers in
France and Italy to create this unique collection of Kenzo plates and dinnerware.

Images - The Knot, Brides, Martha Stewart and Better, Homes and Gardens
Tableware - Kenzo, available at Michael C. Fina


Yakini said...

These table settings are gorgeous. Pastels are so pretty and feminine to me, and perfect for spring of course!

rachel trigueiro, event designer said...

I love, love, LOVE this post! The colors are so happy and dainty! Thank you for sharing and inspiring us for Spring and Easter :)

Sarah Dennis said...

Yakini thanks for stopping by. Can't you feel that spring sun uncurling the petals already!

Sarah Dennis said...

Hey Rachel, so glad you stopped by. Spring is just around the corner! And, as spring is the season for new beginnings there is no better time to put pastels on the table - - - this palette is so refeshing and new!

People St.Clair said...

Ok, I am officially in love with this Kenzo tablewear. I love the colors, I love the freshness of the design. Its great.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Love the pretty spring colors!

Anonymous said...