Thursday, March 27, 2008

A dazzling tablesetting with dahlias, dah-ling!

If you are searching for the most versatile flower possible to grace a vase, you couldn't
do much better than dahlias. Celebrated for their myriad colors, size, and petals,
these flowers are also both fabulous for arrangements and I've been told easy to grow.
Plant tubers in spring and don't water them until they sprout. It sounds easy enough,
but I would need to verify that with my mother, the gardening expert.

I happen to love their big, colorful blooms and since bright, fiery colors will be all the
rage this summer, dahlias are the perfect fashion statement for your table.

Who can resist a pretty face like Sweet Lorraine' or the intriguing form of 'Anna Marie'?
For that matter, who wouldn't be inspired by any of the hundreds of magnificent dahlia
blossoms and want to use them as a theme for your next party.

But deciding which dahlia to use could be a problem since no genus except tulips offers
more variety of shape and color than dahlias. There are tall ones, short ones and sizes in
in between. There are many bloom shapes: cactus, pompom and ball-shaped. Flower size
ranges from dainty, daisy-like flowers and blossoms to big ``dinner-plate'' dahlias. They
come in red to white, orange, yellow, pink, purple and hundreds of shades in between.

Anyone who thought that dahlias were out-of-date and mumsy should think again -
because these big, bold blooms are back in fashion and perfect for your table whichever
type you choose.


Kathryn said...

You know why I love dahlias? Because they can be totally dramatic without taking themselves too seriously. Beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

my gosh, those flowers are beyond stunning!

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