Friday, March 28, 2008

Centerpiece of the week: Garden party blooms...

The weather may still be a bit chilly for entertaining alfresco, but you can bring the garden
party indoors with charming decorations inspired by one of spring's most familiar offerings:
bright-green grass and a airy array of brightly hued spring blooms.

A narrow garden path cuts across this table - - - purple anemones, yellow poppies and
ranunculus, white narcissus and hellebores, and blue hyacinths. Use whatever is in season
and "plant" with a light hand so conversations spark across the garden.

For more inspiration on potted flower centerpieces, make sure you check out this week's
earlier post: "Going to pot: potted flowering plants gives your tablesetting an unforgettable


rachel trigueiro, event designer said...

Where do you get your wheat grass? I have a tough time finding it and would love to find a consistent vendor. Any recommendations?

Sarah Dennis said...

Hey Rachel, thanks for stopping by.

There are a ton of florist in New York City that sell wheat grass. What about California? The centerpiece featured in the picture was done by Magnolia ( and I know a lot of people who have purchased wheat grass from them and have never had a problem.

I also know people who have grown their own wheatgrass from wheatberries planted in flats [shallow boxes] and in ten days it's ready. You can order wheatgrass seeds from Amazon.

rachel trigueiro, event designer said...

Wow! Thank you so much Sarah for all the tips. I will be sure to check it all out. Loving all the stuff you are posting! It is quite inspiring and fun :) Keep up the great work! :)