Friday, February 29, 2008

A Passion for Paisley: Incorporating the motif in your wedding theme

I not only love the enduring quality of the paisley motif, which has lived on throughout
centuries but also its meaning. One paisley symbolizes the life force, growth, and renewal
while two paisleys conjure up the flow and interaction of two polar energies (yin-yang),
the totality of which encompasses creation. What a perfect motif for a wedding! What
a perfect motif to use on a tableware collection. Set your table with tasteful style
with this beautiful dinnerware collection from Neiman Marcus.

Event producer Tara Guérard of Soirée drew upon the elegance of black-and-white to
craft a ceremony and reception rich in symbolism and style. Guérard turned paisley into
a key wedding element to appear throughout the party.

Black piping on the couch cushions, black-stained wooden coffee tables and a black-and-white
paisley lantern overhead all brought the party’s decor scheme together.

Even the food doubled as decorative and symbolic elements. A apple-green green cakes
features an ornate paisley pattern "stitched" in white icing.

For more paisley, see the post below: Paisley takes on a whole new look: French bull

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Ashley said...

Wow...when I read the title of your post I wasn't sure I'd like the images, but I do! It's great. Thanks!

Lucky Designs said...

One of my favorite weddings! I cannot get enough of the black, white, and green.

axileon said...

hey.. i really love my wedding to be something that's like this you know... great post..

i think i should share it with the world.. so i stumbled it!

Sarah Dennis said...

Hi Ashley thanks for stopping by, paisleys can be very chic! I'm glad you enjoyed the images.

Sarah Dennis said...

Erin, I knew you would love this post. I thought of you when I saw the color combination. Thanks for stopping by!

Sarah Dennis said...

Hey Axileon, thanks for stopping by and thanks for joing my neighborhood. Would love to do that interview. I'll send you a note on your blog.

Chic and Charming said...

I am obsessed with paisley..I really love that wedding cake.

katiedid said...

I am still loving this color scheme. Great pictures! :)

Darci said...

One of my favorite weddings ever! Great post, I love that you blew up the pictures & love the dinnerware

Shelly said...

I'm loving your blog, I'm putting it at the top of my list to check when I plan dinner parties. My foodie friends set stunning tables but now I have a secret weapon...your blog! I'm so next tablescape will be over the top. Yippiee

About Emily... said...

I completely agree- I love paisley! Especially love the color scheme you have going on here- we just did a black and white post also and I think it looks so classic and I love your extra punches of green with it!

Emily @ Material Girls

Yakini said...

Aaaahhh!!! J'adore paisley beaucoup!!! It has always looked so elegant to me. My two favorite comforters are actually paisley, and when they're on my bed i feel so pampered and luxurious! lol Now paisley on the table.... i love it!!! A concept that i had never considered before. I always get the BEST ideas coming to your site, lady!!!

Bouzic - Unique Jewellery Creations said...

I will be doing the flower arrangements for a friend's wedding and I just can't get over how greens were used here. Amazing! Thanks for your post, helps me thinks outside the box!

Mike said...

Wait that's a actually cake and not a decoration that looks like a cake? If so that is amazing work.