Monday, March 3, 2008

Tablesetting with "Sting": Raynaud Ombrages collection

What's black and yellow and stylish all over? If I were to ask Rachel Burger and Jenny Bauman
of Bliss Events they might answer, "A table setting!". In nature a flash of black and yellow
usually equals danger, but when seen through the eyes of these creative event planners, the
message is pure honey.

Just as for years the pairing of pink and green called to mind the WASPy chic of Connecticut
country clubs, black and yellow make a sharp and sting-ulating statement. The table setting
designed by Bliss Events is a bold, tonic concoction that looks like a collision between
neoclassicism, glamorous old Hollywood and elegant modernity--all of it drenched in the
the strong color combination of black and yellow.

The best part about this color combo is that it's a look you can't really bumble. Take a look at
Raynaud's Ombrages collection, it's très chic! The china has a captivating modern floral
design, continuously reinterpreted in different colors. This rich variety is vividly reflected in
the presentation plates, dessert plates, cups and saucers. These artistic combinations are
available in two different color ranges: in black, white and platinum or in yellow, white and
platinum. You can also follow the mix and match principle and combine the two color ranges
because each piece is harmoniously coordinated with the other.

So whichever way you choose to make your point in black and yellow, you're sure to be the
bee's knees.


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Love the black and yellow combo!

Yakini said...

Oooh, I just love the black/yellow/white color combination! Very, very chic and avant garde!

I love the titles of your posts, lady... always so clever! lol!!!

amy * stem * said...