Monday, April 21, 2008

Chinoiserie – looking east for tablesetting inspiration

We can embrace the Chinese decorating principles of feng shui and dally with Buddhist
philosophy, but empty a room of everything but a floor covering of tatami mats, and we
panic. Where do we sit? Where is the television?

One way we have found to adopt Asian style is on our dinner tables. We are gaining a sophisticated appreciation for Asian food, and lately, we have taken the tableware into our homes as well.

Blue-and-white glazes are a popular color combination in China and Japan. Ever since
Marco Polo swept through Asia, the West has been enamored of Oriental style, interpreting
its decorative motifs on everything from textiles to tableware. Here are two chinoiserie
inspired designs, to give your table Eastern allure.

The Asian influence has been reinterpreted for contemporary day by Tiffany with their
Cirque Chinoise dinnerware. Tiffany Private Stock hand-painted limoges porcelain.

Set a classic table with this intricately patterned blue and white stoneware. Asian Toile
dinnerware by Horchow.

Asia continues to impact tableware designs, although it is yin in some and yang in others.
There is a Chinese menu of styles, ranging from traditional to new-age. Americans continue
to express an appreciation for Eastern culture and these two chinoiserie patterns puts a
fresh spin on the centuries-old look.


Marie Louise said...

Love the chinois thing. I used to own an extensive set of "Blue Willow" dinner ware. Pretty common and cheap as well - got the original set at Ikea. Added to it with extra pieces over the years. Blue always went with any color table - pinks, greens or browns depending on the time of the year. Have moved on to other more organic tableware but your post inspires me to drag it out again!

jmjiao said...

I do love the idea of using china. However, I would like to just add that... well, tatami mats are Japanese. Not Chinese.

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