Friday, April 4, 2008

All dressed up at DIFFA's Dining by Design

Visually stunning, breathtaking table designs transformed the Skylight. The dazzling display
of dishes, features tabletop designs by fashion designers, architects, artists and retailers that
would make even Martha Stewart pause in admiration.

Last Sunday I stopped by the annual traveling event, when it kicked off in New York City.
From simple and elegant to fun and festive to creative and outrageous, tables designed by
the likes of Ralph Lauren Home, Nautica, William Stubbs, David Starks, Ankasa and Crate
& Barrel were not only inviting but inspirational. Below I share with you more of my
photos from this event and I hope you find them to be inspirational as well.

Following DINING BY DESIGN New York, the installations will travel across the country
to various cities including Kansas City, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago
and Boston.


At Home with Kim Vallee said...

I have to schedule a trip. Do you know when they will be in Boston?

The slide show is fun to watch since the style of the installations are quite varied. The level of creativity behind these installations is impressive. I will keep in mind several concepts.

Brooke said...

beautiful pictures my friend!

People St.Clair said...

Wow, all of these are beautiful, each design is so creative and every detail is exquisite and defined. Lovely post and I love the slide show.

Sarah Dennis said...

Hey Kim, thanks for stopping by. It's always a pleasure! I'm glad you enjoyed the slide show. I will find out when "Dining by Design" is scheduled to be in Boston. I know you will love it!

Sarah Dennis said...

Thanks Brooke. It was a great show, wasn't it! One of the best I've seen in years and I have to admit the new venue made it alot more spacious. Can't wait to next year.

Sarah Dennis said...

Hey Natasha. How are things? Thanks for stopping and checking out the slide show. So you glad you liked it.

Mrs. Designher said...

I'm obsessed with all things table. I could just sit and let this slideshow rotate all day. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!